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Afterdata - Get Access to Over 750+ Infographic Templates + Free Updates

Break complex information into visual stories with this set of easy-to-edit infographic templates - No design experience needed.

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Enhancing your business and convincing potential clients that they should choose you can be a difficult task to accomplish. That is where infographics can come in handy. Depending on the type of business you have, you may need to present infographics on marketing and customer journeys, health researches, business reports, tips for social media, or explain your company's history with timelines, for example. Having infographics templates designed for these individual topics will make your job a lot easier and your life too! :)

By using our infographics templates, you will be able to enhance any business presentation and create eye-catching visuals for any audience. Our templates will save you plenty of time as you no longer will need to scramble to find a template or try to figure out the logistics of graphic design. You also will not need to put much effort into the project as the templates can easily be downloaded to your computer. All of our templates are compatible with Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides, so you will have no difficulty downloading them to any device you may have. Editing will also be a breeze.

What will you get?

  • Over 750+ Unique infographics + Updates FREE of charge.
  • Hundreds of Vector Icons Already in the Designs.
  • EVERYTHING you see in these designs is included.
  • 100% Vector & Easy to Use.
  • Customizable Color combination to Match your Brand Color.
  • Compatible with Adobe Illustrator, PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides
  • Over 30+ Categories Including Health, Coronavirus, Business, Marketing, and much more.
  • ALL Charts are compatible with MS Excel
  • World-Class Fast and FREE Support Included.

Why Our Infographics?

  1. They are professional. No one likes to sit through boring presentations, and this is especially true if you’re a business owner and you have to deal with meetings and presentations on a daily basis. If you provide your audience with eye-catching infographics, they will get the impression that you care about your work and put effort into it.
  2. They are completely customizable. You don’t have to use our templates exactly as they are! You will be able to customize them easily using a variety of different software programs to suit the topic you will be presenting.
  3. You can present data on almost anything. The sky is the limit when it comes to the different information you will be able to present. It can be anything from finances to social media to your tips for online businesses. Our templates give you the perfect opportunity to do that!
  4. You will get a great deal. Best of all, we’re giving you hundreds of infographics templates for only $39.99. They’re valued over $750 USD, so you’ll end up getting a 95 percent discount! What better offer is there to help you enhance your business presentations?


Over 30+ Categories Included + FREE Updates

Financial Infographic Templates

Coronavirus Infographic Templates

Oil Industry Infographic Templates

Natural Energy Infographic Templates

Space Infographic Templates

Personal Resume Infographic Templates

Media Infographic Templates

Business Infographic Templates

Process Infographic Templates

Marketing and Customer Journey Infographic Templates


Social Media Infographic Templates

Digital Marketing Infographic Templates

Healthcare, Dental, and Medical Infographic Templates

Viruses and Pandemic Infographic Templates

Timeline Infographic Templates

Real Estate Infographic Templates

Insurance Infographic Templates

Education Infographic Templates

AIDA Infographic Templates

Economics Infographic Templates

Sport Infographic Templates

Fitness Infographic Templates

Agriculture Infographic Templates

Comparison Infographics


Travel Infographic Templates

Environment, Ecology Infographic Templates

Law and Justice Infographic Templates

Maps Infographic Templates

Non-Profit Infographic Templates

Nutrition Infographic Templates

Food and Restaurant Infographic Templates

Iceberg Infographic Templates

Transportation Infographic Templates

U.S. Elections Infographic Templates

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Lifetime Deal | One-Time Payment
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Afterdata - Get Access to Over 750+ Infographic Templates + Free Updates